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Those with an abnormal walking pattern, or gait, can improve their walking by using orthotics – A type of polymer plastic insert that fit into shoes to help correct a biomechanical or condition of the foot. Once inserted and worn in the shoe – just like insoles are – these custom devices are designed to help align the foot and ankle into the most anatomically correct position, thereby amending the imbalance in your stride. How do orthotics work? Custom-made foot orthotics correct the biomechanical foot condition by repositioning your foot and ankle into the proper position. They do this by targeting abnormal motion that occurs during your walking pattern, also called the gait cycle, and redirects or reduces this abnormality. These orthotics, which are made with plastic, hone in on the two major foot joints that are located just below the ankle joint. Usually, custom-made orthotics are oftenprescribed for people…

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