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Post Operative/Surgical Rehabilitation

Post Operative or Surgical Rehabilitation is tailored to the individual needs and goals of the client. Often the primary goals of post operative rehabilitation is:

  • Reducing inflammation and pain
  • Reducing stiffness
  • Strengthening specific muscles to help stabilize the joint
  • Restoring range of motion

Ideally for fast results coming for therapy at the acute stage allows us the opportunity to quickly and effectively help reduce inflammation and pain while maintaining range of motion. Once the inflammation and pain has subsided, focus can help to slowly restore range of motion. This will help reduce the need for reducing adhesion and scar tissue as well as shorten the recovery process. If you have any questions about post operative or surgical rehabilitation contact our staff at Dynamic Physiotherapy.


Does my insurance cover all expenses?

This depends on your individual insurance plan through your employer. Most insurance coverages cover 100% (although some cover 80% or 90%). Most plans usually have a limit per year. When you book an appointment we can help by calling your insurance to check the coverage of your plan.

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