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Apr 2015

Understanding Physiotherapy

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Physiotherapy is a common form of rehabilitation. It helps patients with illness, age related diseases, healing after surgery, injuries from accidents, and other related health problems. The benefits of physiotherapy are tremendous and are being widely practiced, but what exactly do physiotherapists do? When you’re told you need physio, what does that mean? The objective of physiotherapy is to help the body’s mobility and revitalize a person after illness or disease. This type of treatment will improve the overall wellbeing of a person’s life and includes regular exercise that will help you to maintain a healthy weight. What Can Physiotherapy Help With? Back Pain Spinal Injury Posture Weight Gain Leg Injuries Deformities Arthritis Muscle Weakness Pain Pulled Muscles Recovery after Physical Trauma By using physiotherapy as a treatment for any of the above, physical pain in problematic areas will be minimized and mobility will be improved. The treatment will improve…

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Although they’ve become almost a normality in today’s society, the days of crash diets and liposuction may not be around for much longer. Many men and women are finding a new trend in slimming down, and it includes eating properly and exercising routinely! Extreme calorie-restricted diets and cosmetic enhancements are becoming less popular. In fact, a crash diet is more detrimental for you than it is healthy. They can damage other areas of the body due to malnutrition, and while…

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A foot orthotic is a custom-fitted piece that goes inside the shoe to help the biochemical dysfunction of the foot. The piece appears closely related to an insole and can provide a person with balance while it helps to ease any discomfort or pain. If you have a minimal arch resulting in flat feet, or if you experience discomfort when you walk, run or stand, you may be a candidate for foot orthotics. Individuals experiencing these symptoms should consult a…

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