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May 2015

What Is Shockwave Therapy?

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For those suffering from chronic pain, there may be many treatment options that seem ineffective and not worth the investment. Shockwave Therapy (SWT) is an exciting procedure that has seen successful results in recent years. Because there is no need for surgery and recovery time is virtually nil, SWT has dramatically risen in popularity. The treatment is relatively new but the benefits that patients have found through this procedure have been substantial. If you’re interested in Shockwave Therapy, read on to see how this practice can help eliminate pain. Who can Benefit from Shockwave Therapy? Golfer’s or tennis elbow Rotator cuff tendonitis (shoulders) Trochanteric bursitis (hips) Stress-related fractures (i.e. shin splints) How Does Shockwave Therapy Work? SWT uses short, but intense, bursts of shockwaves to treat affected areas. Repeated shock to those affected areas stimulates new blood flow and improves circulation. Over time, this process allows the damaged tissue to…

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Acupuncture is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine that millions of Westerners have incorporated into their health regimens. The practice is a natural one that triggers the self-healing process by stimulating anatomic sites. These sites are often referred to as ‘acupuncture points’ or ‘acupoints’. A series of very fine needles are inserted into the skin for a specified amount of time. The acupuncturist may then incorporate massages, heat therapies or the application of oils to enhance the benefits. This…

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Compression stockings are a useful way to improve the blood circulation in your legs. These special stockings will gently squeeze them, allowing blood to move freely up your limbs. But pregnant women often wonder whether it’s safe to wear compression stockings during pregnancy. Many of them worry that wearing such tight clothing is unhealthy during pregnancy. Luckily this is an unnecessary concern, according to doctors who have researched the subject. There are several benefits to wearing compression stockings, making it…

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With so many employers offering massage therapy benefits to their workers, it’s no surprise the practice remains popular among a wide range of people. Massage therapy is credited with relaxation and rehabilitation of the muscles. It is particularly useful for those experiencing a variety of illnesses such as chronic back pain – or those who may be recovering from vehicle or sports accidents. An experienced RMT will use a combination of techniques including, kneading, compressing, rolling and stretching to tackle…

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