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Aug 2015

Relaxation Methods For Stiff Necks

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There can be few greater nuisances than a stiff neck. Whether it be from some form of physical activity or simply waking up sore, a stiff neck can put a damper on any day. A stiff neck can lead to decreased productivity at work, limit your ability to perform athletic motions, or even make everyday actions that you would normally take joy in a pain in- well, the neck! Luckily, there are numerous methods you can try that can help alleviate a stiff or sore neck. The first option you should try is a massage. Massage is a fast way to relieve muscle tension and can provide immediate results. While a massage therapist will get you the best results, in a pinch you can consider doing this yourself until you’re able to make an appointment. Tilt your head forward slightly and clasp the back of your neck with both hands.…

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While we here at Dynamic Physiotherapy specialize in sports and exercise related injuries, in an ideal world, business for us would be a lot tougher to find! Of course some injuries are unavoidable and are a risk factor one must accept when taking on any physical endeavour; however, the vast majority of injuries are not only preventable, but completely avoidable. Before you begin your next workout routine or exercise regimen, here are ten tips you can follow to help keep…

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As we age, it becomes harder and harder to maintain the level of fitness we had in our youth, especially when we start pushing past the half-century mark. While osteoporosis has gotten the bulk of the attention for age related degeneration, sarcopenia, or muscle loss due to aging, is an equally important issue. While some muscle loss and degeneration is inevitable and genetics do play a role, it is no accident that some seniors are running marathons deep into their…

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In a culture that’s obsessed with washboard abs, you would expect the average individual to understand the importance of a strong core, but other than helping you look your best, what are the benefits of having one? We have countless late night infomercials that sell the latest, greatest piece of equipment or workout routine that promises to burn belly fat and improve core strength. Even the term itself, “core,” suggests its central importance to your body and health. Still, the…

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