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Jan 2016

4 Options For Post Mastectomy Rehab

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A mastectomy is one of the three most common treatments for breast cancer, the other two being radiotherapy and chemotherapy. With mastectomy, the whole or part of the breast, muscles, and lymph nodes may be removed during surgery, depending on the spread of cancer. Cancer is a rather unusual disease since a patient usually enters the process feeling reasonably well, and can come back from medical treatments feeling terrible. However, successful cancer treatment should not be thought of as merely being cancer free, but being cancer free and returning to an active, healthy, and pain-free lifestyle. After mastectomy, the affected side usually becomes more susceptible to infection. The removal of axillary lymph nodes (under arm) and radiation to the axilla (causing scarring) tends to obstruct the ability to transport lymph fluid, putting a post-mastectomy patient at risk of developing lymphedema (occurring within 6 weeks to 3 years after treatment) and…

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Little kids bounce back fast, which probably explains why we usually associate physiotherapy with adult patients. There are however many cases in which children can benefit from physiotherapy, even if they’re toddler-age. Your child may benefit from seeing a physiotherapist in the following cases: They are recovering from an injury. They have a physical disability. They have a heart or lung condition. They have a birth defect. Conditions that apply specifically to infants and toddlers include: Head shape management (flat…

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Our joints can be delicate, and require lots of care. Tennis elbow is a common condition caused by strain, often due to overuse (hence the name!). Those who have tennis elbow suffer from pain around the outer elbow due to damaged tendons. The severity of tennis elbow can vary, and painkillers can be used to manage the pain. If the elbow is rested, symptoms usually improve over time. Tennis elbow symptoms are painful though, and can make simple tasks difficult.…

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Those who suffer from migraines know how excruciating they can be. The difficult thing about migraines is that there’s no single known cure that works for everyone. Depending on the person, migraines can be triggered by different things, and relieved by different things. Fortunately, migraine pain management continues to improve, with many options for sufferers. Many migraine sufferers use alternative medicine, such as massage, to treat headaches, and studies have shown that they have an incredible success rate. Migranes At…

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