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Jul 2016

3 Ways To Avoid Common Soccer Injuries

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No other sport has achieved a global appeal quite like soccer. Hundreds of millions of people play the sport, and televised games are watched across the world by even more. But for those who play soccer, the risk of injury is always present. Soccer requires a variety of physical skills and abilities, and it can place a lot of strain on the muscles and joints of the body. Knowing how to prevent injuries ensures that you can enjoy the sport for years to come. The following are three ways to avoid common soccer injuries. Use the Proper Warm-Up Techniques Warming up is the best way to avoid injury during any physical activity. In soccer, it can prevent the most common injuries including pulled hamstrings, ankle sprains, and damage to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee. Your warm-up should consist of dynamic movements that mimic those used during a…

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Menstrual cramps are a serious issue for many women. In some cases, the pain associated with the menstrual cycle can be debilitating. There are many factors that contribute to cramps, and understanding these factors can provide you with the relief you need. More women are turning to physiotherapy to help ease menstrual cramps. Physiotherapy provides a number of solutions that minimize and eliminate many of the pain-related symptoms that women experience each month. Understanding Menstrual Cramps Menstrual cramps occur as…

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Recovering from a mastectomy requires a number of strategies to speed up the healing process so that you can resume your daily activities. Knowing how to optimize the recovery process will decrease discomfort and improve joint mobility. Using movement-based solutions, adequate rest, and physiotherapy provides a fast mastectomy recovery that gives you the best results. Common Issues During Mastectomy Recovery The recovery period can consist of limited mobility and discomfort. Individuals may report feeling pain sensations that radiate down the…

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Although most people are familiar with arthritis and its symptoms, many are surprised to learn that it affects a large number of young people. Arthritis is typically associated with the older population. But children and young adults also experience the pain and loss of function that arthritis can cause. Although there is no specific cause attributed to juvenile arthritis, research suggests that a genetic factor may play a role in its development. Juvenile arthritis awareness month creates more visibility around…

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