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If you suffer from allergies—an immune system response that occurs when your body encounters a substance that it has developed a hypersensitivity to—you no doubt know when it’s active. Whether you’re allergic to pollen, nuts or dust, you’ll know there’s an allergic reaction if you experience problems with your skin, airways or sinuses. But did you know that you may also experience problems with your joints? Yes, an allergic reaction can intensify joint pain such as arthritis. But fortunately, there are ways you can either avoid this from happening or at least reduce the risks of it happening. How are joint pains and allergies related? Read on; you might actually be surprised at what you learn. Joint Pain and Seasonal Allergies If you have seasonal allergies, you know that certain months of the year have a tendency to trigger symptoms like a sore throat, itchy eyes and a stuffy nose.…

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Meals For Joint Pain

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If you happen to be living with joint pain, a condition that can seem unbearable at times, you might have taken all sorts of medications and dietary supplements in order to control the discomfort and live as normally as possible. But one thing you might not have considered is that the solution might really be as close as your fork or spoon. Yes, what you eat can help you to deal with joint pains. Read on for meal tips to…

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Some people think about physiotherapy as a treatment for people who’ve gotten whiplash from a car accident or who’ve hurt themselves after hitting the pavement while out shoveling snow. But physiotherapy is actually a useful option for a whole host of ailments and conditions, and one of those things is facial injuries. This blog post will look the benefits of facial physiotherapy by covering facial paralysis, looking at the impact this condition has on, focusing on the benefits of facial…

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Part of the movement sciences, physiotherapy is a healthcare discipline geared towards helping people who are dealing with mobility-limiting ailments that can be as painful and they are debilitating. As such, physiotherapists target numerous body systems in order to help their clients to regain the mobility required for physical activity, to ward off or to recover from disability, to manage chronic or acute conditions, to recuperate after an injury and to avoid re-occurrence of problems. What conditions can physiotherapy treat?…

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