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Oct 2017

10 Unexpected Benefits Of Massage Therapy

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Massage therapy has numerous benefits that can change the way you look and feel, inside and out. Massage therapists are trained to do more than just rub your back. They’re trained to help you relax and relieve muscle tension. And it doesn’t stop there – here are 10 more benefits that come with getting a massage: Preventive care Visiting a clinic staffed with certified massage therapists is great for your overall health and can prevent injury. This is especially useful if you are an athlete, or are injury prone. Injury rehabilitation If you have suffered an injury, massage should be included in your physiotherapy program to help you get recover faster. Anxiety control When we get anxious, we tense up. Your massage therapist will work to remove that tension and put you into a relaxed state, melting your anxiety away. The more massages you get, the less anxious you’ll feel…

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When we think of physiotherapy, we tend to think of someone trying to get their strength back following an accident. Although it is generally thought of as a helpful tool for adults, physiotherapy can be greatly beneficial to children. Furthermore, physiotherapy isn’t simply for injury rehabilitation. Visiting a physiotherapy clinic with your child can help them improve their speech, coordination, weight, and developmental issues. Children and physiotherapy: Will your child benefit? When a child is slow to develop their motor…

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Most of our everyday movements can affect our posture. There are many ways to correct bad posture, such as wearing custom made foot orthotics or changing the way we stand. Here are five daily habits that affect your posture and what you can do help keep a good posture. Wearing the wrong shoes Whether it is flats, heels or running shoes, many people are guilty of wearing the wrong ones. When you wear shoes that are ill-fitting, have no arch…

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Following a traumatic accident you will need to undergo rehabilitation. Accident rehabilitation has many facets and one of the more important ones is sleep. Pain management and sleep go hand-in-hand and it’s imperative that you listen to your physiotherapist when they tell you get some rest. Why you need sleep when you’re trying to manage pain Accident rehabilitation is a combination of pain management and physiotherapy. In order for these to work in tandem for your recovery, you need to…

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