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Nov 2017

How Massage Therapy Helps With Depression

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Undergoing massage therapy is like having a warm blanket of positive emotions draped over you. It relieves tension, gives you a relaxing environment to decompress in, and aids in relieving the physical and mental symptoms of depression. Many mental health professionals recommend a visit to a clinic staffed with registered massage therapists because of the numerous benefits it can produce for their patients. Why do mental health professionals recommend massage therapy? Physicians, psychologists and other mental health professionals often recommend that their patients visit massage therapists to help them with depression. Massage therapy provides a comforting touch that some people may be lacking in their lives. Or, if someone does have an incredible support group that surrounds them, it can also be an extension of that support. Moreover, massage therapy relieves the physical symptoms of depression such as back, joint and muscle pains, fatigue and sluggishness. Plus, it can help…

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Foot orthotics are common practice if you’ve been in an accident, had surgery or have trouble with gait and stability. To fully get the benefits of orthotics, they need to be customized to your feet. Custom orthotics play an integral role in rehabilitation and they may be covered by your private insurance plan or through OHIP. First, let’s understand what custom foot orthotics do and why they’re important. What are custom foot orthotics? Custom orthotics are corrective footwear devices that…

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Following a car accident, physical therapy is the most important step you can take. Whether you have undergone surgery for major injuries, or only sustained minor injuries, it’s important to seek the help of a registered physiotherapist who can help you overcome the damage your body has sustained. You can only recover so much on your own After a car accident you will probably experience headaches, pain, stiffness and reduced range of motion. Your body does have a natural healing…

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Custom made foot orthotics are orthopedic appliances designed to provide comfort when you walk. They are made from breathable materials and can improve your gait and help evenly distribute your weight with each step you take. Because custom orthotics get so much use, they do not last forever. How often should foot orthotics be replaced? Custom made foot orthotics can last anywhere from 1-5 years, depending on the amount of wear and tear they sustain. Here’s how to tell if…

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