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Jan 2018

How Physiotherapy Can Benefit The Elderly

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Physiotherapy involves more than learning how to walk again after an accident. You don’t have to be in pain or looking for rehabilitation from an injury to see a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy can help people of all walks of life and ages, no matter what ailments they have. If you’re entering your golden years and are looking for ways to be more active and get the most out of life, physiotherapy offers great benefits. Targeting Specific Issues Physiotherapy can help you overcome specific issues you might be facing as you get older. For instance, physiotherapy can address back and neck pain, old sports injuries that have not properly healed, arthritis and osteoporosis. Furthermore, your physiotherapist can help you with breathing problems like COPD and asthma, issues related to diabetes, ailments that affect the nervous system like MS or Parkinson’s, and foot conditions (more on custom made foot orthotics below). Finally, physiotherapy…

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Standing desks are quickly becoming a popular choice for those who work in front of a computer all day. To ensure you are using your standing desk properly, here are five tips: Get A Pair Custom Orthotics Visit a physiotherapy clinic to get fitted for custom orthotics. These are a pair of customized shoe inserts that are designed to cushion your feet while you walk, stand and sit. If you are standing for most of your day, custom orthotics will…

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Our spinal columns contain a series of bones, known as vertebrae, that are stacked on top of each other. Each bone is protected by a disc that acts as a cushion. Discs absorb the shocks that happen due to our daily activities. When we walk, lift, twist – basically any movement we make – these discs keep our bones from rubbing against each other and becoming damaged from shocks. However, when we get hurt these discs can slip. If you…

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Your physiotherapist’s goal is to ensure that you get the most out of your sessions and give you the tools necessary to continue your recovery at home. You’ve probably made New Year’s resolutions to better your life and your physiotherapist is no exception. They want you to fully recover and to do so, here are five New Year’s resolutions a physiotherapist makes to help you get back to being you: Help You Destress Stress plagues us all, especially in the…

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