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Even if you’re not a fan of needles, you might be able to move past it to enjoy many of the benefits of acupuncture.


What’s acupuncture?
We describe it as “a key component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is used to treat acute and chronic pain and help injuries heal. Embraced by many holistic and alternative medicine practices, it involves the manual stimulation of specific acupuncture points throughout the body using thin needles.”

How long should I do it for?
Over the course of 6-12 weeks, with weekly sessions, you are able to feel relief in the spots that were giving you problems. Some people swear by ongoing treatments which are spread over a longer period of time but ultimately it depends on what is best for you, based on your body and therapists recommendations.

What things can acupuncture help with?
Although most people know the general benefits that come along with acupuncture, many of its less common capabilities often go overlooked as solutions to everyday health issues.

Below are seven surprising things that benefit from acupuncture:

    1. Your Immune System
    If you see an acupuncturist regularly, you might get the extra count of white blood cells that help to boost your immune system.

    2. Sleeping Better
    If your sleep patterns haven’t been that great as of late, acupuncture can help to finally get some good rest. Acupuncture treatment increases your melatonin, which can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer periods of time.

    3. Quitting Smoking
    We all know that smoking isn’t a healthy habit for ourselves, or for those around us to have to inhale second hand smoke. Acupuncture helps to detoxify your body and helps you to fight the urge to smoke.

    4. Pain Management
    If you are having aches and pains, acupuncture can help to combat your soreness. Acupuncture is best known to help relieve your pains, including arthritis, back, shoulder and neck pain and so much more.

    5. Weight Loss
    You don’t have to go on the south beach diet to keep healthy and fit, acupuncture can help you stay in shape. Paired with eating healthy and keeping active, acupuncture can have a positive effect on your lifestyle.

    6. Less Stress
    This is a top seller for everyone. With the stresses of life, work or school, it is sometimes hard to focus on the positive things in life. Acupuncture can help you to feel more relaxed and worry-free.

    7. More Energy
    Wake up too early for work? Always feeling exhausted? Acupuncture can help with this, it can provide you with that energy kick that you need.

For more information about these areas, or to learn what else our team can help your body with, book an appointment with us today!

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