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Low blood pressure, also known as hypotension, is becoming an increasingly common health concern for many people, especially for those over 45 years of age. Unfortunately, for some, low blood pressure can be a condition that is very challenging to manage and overcome. Thankfully, there is some evidence to suggest that acupuncture might be an effective way to help with low blood pressure.

Acupuncture For Low Blood Pressure


A normal, healthy blood pressure will read 90 to 140 mmHg in systolic pressure and 60 to 90 mmHg in the diastolic pressure on sphygmomanometer. If you are afflicted with low blood pressure, your systolic pressure is lower than 90 mmHg and your diastolic reading is less than 60 mmHg. Symptoms of low blood pressure can include low energy, faintness, and dizziness.

Non-Electro Acupuncture

One option to relieve hypotension is non-electro acupuncture. The goal of non-electro acupuncture is to increase your blood pressure to a normal level. In order to normalize blood pressure, an acupuncturist will treat specific acupoints in the body. One acupoint is the DU 20 point, or “Bai Hui” in Chinese, which is the nerve plexus at the crown of the head. The needle is left in place for approximately 15 to 25 minutes per session, and a client would often see improvements after approximately 10 sessions.

Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular, or ear, acupuncture involves using a magnetic-press-seed instead of the acupuncture needles. The specific acupoint most often chosen by acupuncturists for this style of treatment is is the MA-PC acupoint, known in Chinese as “Xiao Er Gen”.

In auricular acupuncture, the practitioner places and presses the magnetic-seed on the MA-PC acupoint two to three times at intervals of 15 minutes. Optimal results are usually achieved after about a month of sessions. The patient must not forget to change the plaster of the magnetic-press-seed after four days in order to prevent an infection.

If you are unfortunate enough to be afflicted with low blood pressure, you should consider acupuncture. It is a non-invasive treatment that can alleviate your symptoms and get you feeling energetic, healthy, and happy again. Contact us today to learn about more treatment options.

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