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Jun 2017

Can Acupuncture Treat Chronic Headaches?

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There are many different types of chronic headaches with their own sets of symptoms, but they all have a similar effect: they significantly impact one’s quality of life, as is the case with any chronic pain. Chronic pain doesn’t exist by itself, many other conditions co-exist alongside chronic pain, such as depression. It also has great social and financial implications.

Acupuncture For Chronic Headaches

In an effort to relieve pain associated with chronic headaches, many people turn to pain medication, which, in some cases, can lead to dependence. Some headaches may be entirely resistant to medication. Moreover, many chronic headaches don’t have a known cause (there isn’t an underlying condition), which can make treatment much more complicated, adding more frustration to this already complex condition. For those who have had little success with traditional medication, alternative treatments such as acupuncture should be considered.

Can Acupuncture Treat Chronic Headaches?

The large body of research on the topic of chronic headaches and acupuncture has shown that, yes, acupuncture can be very effective for treating chronic headaches, from migraine headaches to chronic tension headaches (chronic daily headaches). In fact, research has shown that acupuncture can reduce both the frequency and the intensity of chronic headaches.

For those who may not be familiar with acupuncture, acupuncture involves stimulating specific acupuncture points using thin needles. Acupuncture is a very big part of traditional Chinese medicine. It is safe and can also be very effective. Many people use acupuncture for both acute and chronic pain.

On the topic of migraines in particular, research has shown that acupuncture can have a positive effect. A recent study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, found that not only does acupuncture reduce the number of days that people suffer from migraines, but also that those effects may be lasting. An examination of the research on chronic tension headaches and acupuncture has also shown it to be an effective treatment option for those with chronic tension headaches.

It is not entirely known what makes acupuncture so effective, but many believe that it may have something to do with the release of endorphins, which stimulate the nerves and muscles, therein boosting the body’s natural painkillers.

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