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Effects Of Acupuncture On Your Body
Many people are skeptical about whether acupuncture offers any real physical effects. The wonderful truth is that it does. Acupuncture triggers a chain reaction of the body’s natural painkiller hormones, such as endorphins. This occurs mainly in the peripheral nervous system. When it is practiced in conjunction with physiotherapy, it often triggers the body’s natural cortisone. It also helps to block various stress hormones, such as neuropeptide Y.

When you have sustained a serious injury from something such as a sport or auto accident, it can turn your life upside-down overnight and not in a good way. It often leads to job loss, various financial challenges, loss of independent living, and more unfortunate situations. As a result, it can trigger a lot of stress in your life.

Constant stress can be a serious hindrance to a patients recovery time. As a result, it’s important to seek out a treatment, such as acupuncture in order to help yourself recover quicker and faster. One or the other is definitely better than nothing. However, studies have shown that patients who undergo both remedies tend to recover much quicker and better. Both treatments are especially recommended for athletes who sustain injuries.

Some athletes are participate in professional sports while others play sports recreationally. Either way, sports injuries can be very serious and lead to infection if not given the proper treatment. For some injuries, such as sprains and muscular tears, even the simple RICE (rest, ice, elevation, compression) treatment isn’t enough. Chiropractic treatment may help some but sometimes doesn’t heal it completely. Those who receive both treatments tend to recover enough to get back out on the playing field much quicker.

Some experts even go as far as to recommend acupuncture as a preventative practice to athletes who are undergoing intense training. Especially if they’re particularly prone to things like pain in certain areas or something like tendinitis. They say that it helps to maintain their immune system enough to keep training without as much trouble as they could be having. Especially for professional athletes who tend to be on the move day in and day out, the vigorous activity can wear on their bodies if they don’t take preventative measures.

Since athletes are prone to sustaining injuries than people who lead less active lifestyles, it is also very important for them to maintain a good relationship with a physiotherapist throughout their careers or active years.

The human body is one that demands balance no matter what. When it gets seriously injured, it is thrown out of balance and must learn a new way of coping. Experts say that it’s pretty much safe to see your acupuncturist on the day of your injury. However, you want to wait until you can move the injured area at least somewhat for physiotherapy. Acupuncture can help to relieve the pain immediately. Physiotherapy, on the contrary, only works with something that is able to move at least somewhat. The physiotherapist’s main job is to help strengthen that area faster for a quicker and more satisfying recovery.

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