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Lower back pain is very common, with roughly 80 percent of adults experiencing it in their lifetime. Lower back pain is also complex, with many different possible causes. One often unsuspected cause can be your feet.

Lower back pain can significantly impact the quality of one’s life. In fact, it is a very common cause of disability and missed days of work. While most lower back pain is acute, some also experience chronic lower back pain. The fact that treatment for lower back pain is limited is another problem.

Foot Orthotics And Lower Back Pain

The Link Between the Feet and Back Problems

There are certain conditions of the feet that have been linked to back pain. These mechanical problems can affect the way people walk or stand, for example, which places additional stress on the lower back and causes pain as a result.

One example of a mechanical issue would be collapsed foot arches (also known as flat feet). Ultimately, the the way the feet hit the ground has a large impact on the way the lower back acts as a shock absorber. Flat footed individuals, however, are at a disadvantage because the feet do not provide as much support as they should. Over time, the gluteal muscles lack the ability to provide as much support, with the back then feeling much more stress. Other foot problems can lead to lower back pain, including excessive foot pronation (rolling in) and supination (rolling in), as well as different leg lengths, to name a few.

How Custom Made Foot Orthotics Can Help with Lower Back Pain

Custom made foot orthotics are foot inserts that are worn inside the shoe and are specifically designed for your feet, hence the name custom orthotics. In general, they improve alignment, posture and the way a person walks (gait), which gives time for the soft tissues in the lower back to heal, decreasing pain in the lower back. The great thing about custom orthotics is that it is a non-invasive and drug-free way to treat lower back pain.

Note that custom orthotics are not the same thing as off-the-shelf inserts. Custom-made foot orthotics are specifically designed by professionals to address the mechanics of your specific feet.

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