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Everyone can suffer from aches and pains in different parts of the body, but lower back pain is one of the most common annoyances to suffer from. Back pain can be caused due to many factors including the way you sleep and the type of job you do to name a few.

Lower Back Pain

You always hear that the natural way is the best way, so here are a few natural ways to keep your lower back pain under control.

  1. Good posture is key.
  2. A lot of people do not work in ergonomically friendly work places, try to set up a space that keeps your body in the right position. Many jobs require people to spend a lot of time sitting down, so it is important to have a space that is comfortable and healthy for your body. Keep your body in an upright position and take walk breaks every so often to give your body the chance to move around.

  3. Exercise.
  4. Keeping your body in shape is important for people of all ages. Make sure to stretch your muscles before and after for the best results. Having strong core muscles helps with your flexibility, supports your back and helps to prevent injuries.

  5. Sleep on your side.
  6. During the average night’s sleep, people often twist and turn but sleeping on your sides can help you with your lower back pain. Try to avoid sleeping flat on your back. In addition, if you invest in a good mattress and pillows, these will also help you to have a better sleep overall.

  7. Use heat or ice packs.
  8. Heat and ice packs can provide you with temporary relief for lower back pain.

  9. See a specialist.
  10. The staff at Dynamic Physiotherapy are always here to help you with your lower back pain problems. Depending on your particular concerns, we can help you figure out the right treatment to relieve your pain and keep you pain free!

  11. Eat properly.
  12. Include the main food groups in your daily meal plan, get the right intake of fruits and vegetables. Make water a main staple in your daily routine, it will keep your body hydrated and keep you refreshed. Additionally, you can check Canada’s Food Guide for more details to ensure happy and healthy eating.

If you’re suffering from any type of back pain no matter how minimal or severe, visit Dynamic Physiotherapy for a consultation to figure out what type of treatment will be the most effective for you.

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