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Most of our everyday movements can affect our posture. There are many ways to correct bad posture, such as wearing custom made foot orthotics or changing the way we stand. Here are five daily habits that affect your posture and what you can do help keep a good posture.

Daily Habits Affecting Your Posture

  • Wearing the wrong shoes
    Whether it is flats, heels or running shoes, many people are guilty of wearing the wrong ones. When you wear shoes that are ill-fitting, have no arch or too high of an arch, or no support, you are damaging your posture. Custom made foot orthotics are one of the only options you have to deal with this issue.
  • Carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder
    Laptop bags and purses are designed to carry heavy objects in a stylish package. They’re not designed to evenly distribute weight; they only have one strap. Crossbody and shoulder bags force one shoulder to bear the weight of the whole bag. Swap the shoulder bag for a backpack. With the weight evenly distributed over both shoulders and adjusted so you’re not slouching, you’ll improve your posture.
  • Overdoing one type of exercise
    Cardio, weight lifting, yoga, and swimming are all wonderful exercises we can do to help our posture. However, if you overdo one type of exercise, you could be doing more damage than good. Find a combination of different types of exercises for your workout and take rest days. For example, if you go running one day, take the next day off and attend a yoga class the day after that.
  • Standing improperly
    Our body is designed to support our weight when we stand correctly. When we shift our body weight to lean on one leg while standing, we put more stress on that side. The lower back and hip on the favoured side are overused while your core and backside muscles that you need to hold yourself up remain idle. One way to combat this problem is by practicing standing straight, so that your weight is evenly distributed. You can also try core strengthening exercises.
  • Playing on your phone
    When we use our smartphones we tilt our heads down to get a better view. The more you angle your head and tilt your neck when playing on your phone, the more pressure you are putting on your cervical spine. To fix this issue, try holding your phone as far up in front of you as you can without tilting your head. Instead of moving your head down, move your eyes. You can also limit the time you spend on your phone.

Some of the above tips, such as standing properly or holding your phone up in a better position, may feel unnatural at first. Forgetting to insert your custom made foot orthotics into your new flats or remembering to wear a backpack instead of shoulder bag may take time but in the long run, it’s worth it.

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