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Many people are skeptical about whether acupuncture offers any real physical effects. The wonderful truth is that it does. Acupuncture triggers a chain reaction of the body’s natural painkiller hormones, such as endorphins. This occurs mainly in the peripheral nervous system. When it is practiced in conjunction with physiotherapy, it often triggers the body’s natural cortisone. It also helps to block various stress hormones, such as neuropeptide Y. When you have sustained a serious injury from something such as a sport or auto accident, it can turn your life upside-down overnight and not in a good way. It often leads to job loss, various financial challenges, loss of independent living, and more unfortunate situations. As a result, it can trigger a lot of stress in your life. Constant stress can be a serious hindrance to a patients recovery time. As a result, it’s important to seek out a treatment, such…

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There are many different types of chronic headaches with their own sets of symptoms, but they all have a similar effect: they significantly impact one’s quality of life, as is the case with any chronic pain. Chronic pain doesn’t exist by itself, many other conditions co-exist alongside chronic pain, such as depression. It also has great social and financial implications. In an effort to relieve pain associated with chronic headaches, many people turn to pain medication, which, in some cases,…

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Acupuncture is a reliable treatment method for a variety of health issues. Over time, it has been integrated into mainstream medicine as health professionals recognize the many benefits it provides. Although it’s commonly known for treating physical pain, acupuncture provides many benefits for treating anxiety and depression. This creates new opportunities for individuals who struggle with these issues. A Growing Need For Acupuncture The growth in popularity of acupuncture is partly a result of patients’ need to find solutions that…

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How Acupuncture Works

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Acupuncture is a well-known treatment modality in Eastern medicine. Many are still unfamiliar with this practice. There are a number of misconceptions about acupuncture. Knowing how acupuncture works helps you understand the many benefits it can provide for a wide range of health issues. It can provide you with an effective way to alleviate a number of physical symptoms, such as pain and muscle weakness. The following are the essential things you need to know about acupuncture so that you…

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Acupuncture is an ancient form of therapy that is practised within the discipline of Chinese Medicine. It consists of inserting fine needles into the surface of a patient’s skin, which stimulates the body’s natural healing process. Scientists are not precisely certain how it works, but it has proven to successfully treat a number of chronic ailments, including pain. According to Chinese Medicine, acupuncture’s effectiveness is based on the principle of Qi (chee) which is considered to be the life force…

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