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For those of us who sit in front of a computer all day, or for those who suffer from insufficient blood flow from legs to the heart—the effects of which range from leg swelling and varicose veins, to the more serious problem of phlebitis and thrombosis—compression socks can be a real life-saver. This elastic type of hosiery improves blood circulation by squeezing the leg at the ankle and delivering a gradually reduced tightening up the leg. This graduated squeezing helps to circulate the blood back to the heart, preventing swelling—or in more extreme cases— blood clots, from forming in the legs. Compression socks and athletes While compression socks have long been recommended for the modern office worker bees glued to their chairs 24/7, as well as for those on long flights in economy cabins with cramped seats and very little legroom, recently more and more athletes have taken to wearing…

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Compression stockings are a useful way to improve the blood circulation in your legs. These special stockings will gently squeeze them, allowing blood to move freely up your limbs. But pregnant women often wonder whether it’s safe to wear compression stockings during pregnancy. Many of them worry that wearing such tight clothing is unhealthy during pregnancy. Luckily this is an unnecessary concern, according to doctors who have researched the subject. There are several benefits to wearing compression stockings, making it…

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What are Compression Socks?

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Compression socks – also called compression stockings – are a medical garment used to improve blood flow in your legs. They’re a specially designed sock running from your feet up to your knees, but can be full length. Compression socks are meant to help improve or prevent problems with venous circulation in the legs. These problems develop when the valves that transport blood don’t work properly. The valves allow blood flow in one direction back to the heart, but when…

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