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Oct 2019


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  The sciatic nerve is the strongest and longest of the peripheral nerves of the body. It primarily provides motor supply (signal) to the hamstrings, lower leg and foot muscles and sensory supply to the posterior (back of the leg), most of the front of the leg and lower legs and foot. The sciatic nerve branches into two independent nerves just above the knee called the tibial and peroneal nerves. Sciatica tends to affect only one side of the body and due to its location, can often be misdiagnosed as Piriformis Syndrome which is similar in pain involvement. However, there are orthopedic tests that can differentiate the two conditions. Signs & Symptoms of Sciatica Pain in the rear of the leg especially when sitting Burning or tingling sensation running down the leg. Weakness, numbness or difficulty moving the leg or foot Constant pain on the side especially near buttocks side…

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What Is a Heel Spur? A heel spur is displaced calcium attached to the calcaneum, also known as the heel bone. It can go undetected and grow over the course of several months or years and can only be detected by an x-ray. Other times, heel spurs can be painful, resulting in a stabbing sensation. Heel spurs are often mistaken as plantar fasciitis, which is when the plantar fascia becomes inflamed, while a heel spur is just the presence of…

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Physiotherapists are always looking for a variety of treatments to heal numerous ailments. One of their main areas of focus is the Achilles tendon. There is no question that Achilles heel pain can be difficult to overcome. Also, before you can fully understand one of the best stretches to treat Achilles tendon pain, you must understand the Achilles heel itself. Where is the Achilles Heel? The Achilles heel is located at the base of the back portion of the foot…

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Many of us are constantly thinking of our body’s health and whether or not we’re doing enough to maintain good health. We consider how well we are eating, if we’re incorporating enough exercise and daily self-care into our daily routines while we try to make sure that we are making time for rest. Oftentimes we will also take on many other health measures to keep us performing at our best each day no matter what we’re doing. But many people…

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