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Jun 2015

High Heels: More Style, Less Health

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Women know that their high heels can leave their feet feeling uncomfortable, but this is seen as a small price to pay to pull off the sleek and stylish look of a nice pair of pumps. However, science shows that high heels cause more than just minor discomfort – they can also cause long-term problems for your feet. The list of potential problems here includes ingrown toenails, nerve damage, bunions, and even serious damage to the tendons in your leg. This is because the heels will make your foot slide forward, crunching the toes into an unnatural position and improperly shifting your body’s weight. Additionally the food is left in an unnatural slant for an extended period of time, making your weight unevenly dispersed throughout your feet when you walk. These factors will impact more than just your feet and legs. The improper weight positioning can also throw off your…

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