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Standing desks are quickly becoming a popular choice for those who work in front of a computer all day. To ensure you are using your standing desk properly, here are five tips: Get A Pair Custom Orthotics Visit a physiotherapy clinic to get fitted for custom orthotics. These are a pair of customized shoe inserts that are designed to cushion your feet while you walk, stand and sit. If you are standing for most of your day, custom orthotics will help evenly distribute your body weight so you’re not putting pressure on only one part of each foot. Take Breaks Some people are able to remember to take breaks, while others need reminders. Whether you have to set a timer or leave yourself a note, you need to take regular breaks throughout the day to rest your eyes, move, stretch and take a little walk. Moreover, taking breaks will ease…

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Walking, sitting, standing – these are all things we do daily that can affect our lower back, knees and ankles. Pain in those areas is common but with a combination of custom orthotics, stretching and other simple factors, you can alleviate discomfort in the knees, ankle and lower back. Custom orthotics These are special orthotics that are created especially for your feet. A cast or laser rendering of your foot will be made to ensure that the measurements are correct.…

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