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Jul 2016

3 Tips For Fast Mastectomy Recovery

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Recovering from a mastectomy requires a number of strategies to speed up the healing process so that you can resume your daily activities. Knowing how to optimize the recovery process will decrease discomfort and improve joint mobility. Using movement-based solutions, adequate rest, and physiotherapy provides a fast mastectomy recovery that gives you the best results. Common Issues During Mastectomy Recovery The recovery period can consist of limited mobility and discomfort. Individuals may report feeling pain sensations that radiate down the arm along, with mild stiffness that can make it difficult to move for a short period of time. Some patients have also reported temporary loss of sensation after undergoing a mastectomy procedure. Surgeons typically provide exercises that prevent stiffness of the arm and shoulder and the development of any scar tissue. Drains that are in place should be considered when performing any exercises. Consult with your surgeon to determine what…

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A mastectomy is one of the three most common treatments for breast cancer, the other two being radiotherapy and chemotherapy. With mastectomy, the whole or part of the breast, muscles, and lymph nodes may be removed during surgery, depending on the spread of cancer. Cancer is a rather unusual disease since a patient usually enters the process feeling reasonably well, and can come back from medical treatments feeling terrible. However, successful cancer treatment should not be thought of as merely…

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