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It’s common for people to experience pelvic pain when they exercise regularly. For example, those who do CrossFit or have a weightlifting regimen might have the following issues: pain in the perineum when sitting, abdominal pain when engaging in an intense activity, testicular pain which radiates upwards toward the abdomen, and abdominal pain which radiates toward the testicles. Women participating in CrossFit or other high-intensity weightlifting and sports training regimens might develop abdominal pains. Postpartum mothers may also experience pelvic pain when they try to pick up their physical fitness regimen again. Experts have observed pelvic pain in patients who participate in heavy weightlifting workouts or CrossFit regimens, but this doesn’t have to be the case. By focusing on postural cueing, breathing, and bracing, the pelvic dysfunction experienced during exercise might greatly diminish or vanish altogether. Women often find that heavy lifting regimens can cause stress-related incontinence, especially if they…

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