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May 2016

5 Tips For Getting Rid Of Shin Splints

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Shin Splints is a common condition experienced by runners and walkers. It is caused by inflammation in the area around your shin bone (hence the name). The inflamed area can span from 2-6 inches and the pain can be intense enough to cause the person to stop running or walking. Fortunately there are options for treatment as well as prevention. Stretching Stretching is a good way to relieve pain resulting from shin splints. You can stretch while sitting on your heels with your toes pointed back, pushing your ankles to the floor. You should feel some tension in your shin. Hold for 10 seconds, relax and then repeat the procedure. Switch to another workout If you are running or walking, then switch to an alternative routine as soon as the pain hits. This could be swimming, biking or any other exercise that doesn’t make the pain worse. Run/Walk faster This…

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