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Mar 2018

Do Sports Braces Hurt My Performance?

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Injuries to the knees and ankles can sideline us for weeks. This is especially unbearable for athletes who want nothing more than to get back on the court, ice, diamond, track etc. When you get hurt but want to continue your active lifestyle, you can benefit from wearing sports braces. What are sports braces? Sports braces are a form of custom orthotics that are designed to keep injured joints steady by stabilizing them. When joints become hypermobile from overuse and injury, they need to be fixed in place so that they can heal without the possibility of reinjury. By wearing braces you can continue to participate in your favourite sporting activities without worrying about hurting yourself again or putting undue pressure on the injured area. Sports braces can be weight bearing like those for the knees and ankles to ensure that you’re not putting too much pressure on the injured…

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Many people know the importance of good posture in avoiding back pain and spine injuries. You consciously try to keep your back straight when sitting, standing, or walking. But this can be quite difficult when facing freezing temperatures, slippery snow, and icy winds during winter sports. Visiting a sports injury clinic can help you manage winter body ache and prevent pain and injuries. Winter activities almost always expose you to various risks, from hypothermia to slips and falls. Risky winter…

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Many of us are eager to get outside and increase our activity level once summer rolls around. While most of the time this is only a good thing, we end up exerting ourselves much more than we’re used to. As a result, many of us are at an increased risk of suffering from sports injuries during the summer months. To ensure that you get to enjoy the full summer season, here are some tips to prevent some of the most…

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Many people view massage treatments as a luxury. But they’re not just a way to relax and unwind. Massages offer a wide range of benefits, and different types of massage can target specific health issues. Massage treatments help those who have suffered sports injuries; and athletes incorporate massage into their routines to improve their conditioning and prevent future injuries. If an injury does occur, the athlete can benefit from a sports injury massage. This type of massage treatment focuses on…

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Sports injury clinics treat many injuries that cause pain and loss of function in both professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. Sports injuries cause trauma to the joint tissues and muscles while getting in the way of your ability to participate in your favorite activities. The following are five types of sports injuries that you need to consider. Experiencing any of these requires you to find the right treatment that provides lasting relief while restoring your function. Sprains And Strains…

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