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Why You Should Wear Compression Socks/Stockings?

Compression socks are not only beneficial but they also look good and feel great.   Watch professional sports such as basketball, football and soccer and a lot of them wear compression socks.   Compression socks aren’t only beneficial to athletes but to anyone whose job or activity includes standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Why are compression socks an essential item?   To explain he mechanism of compression stock and why you would need them, you first need to understand how the body operates.  When active whether walking running or playing sports blood is pumped throughout our bodies.   The more active we are the more blood movement throughout our bodies we need.   The main purpose of compression socks is to ensure that your feet/legs are more compressed and help improve blood flow in the lower parts of your leg.   When inactive such as sitting or standing for long periods of time the blood pools in the lower extremities especially below the knee.

Compression socks come in various compression levels as well. Physiotherapists will help you to determine the appropriate compression to wear and the primary objective of why one should wear them. Some guidelines to look at are:

  • Light compression socks (15-20mm-Hg) are great for travelling, standing or sitting for long periods of time or athletes.
  • Moderate compression socks (20-30mm-Hg) are great for those with varicose veins as well as standing/sitting for long periods of time.   Many insurance companies COVER compression socks starting at 20-30mm-Hg.
  • Firm Compression socks (30-40mm-Hg and higher) are recommended for those with blood clots, extreme swelling, varicose veins and can assist in severe cases of mild thrombotic syndrome.

Some benefits of wearing compression socks:

  • Compression socks help Improve Circulation and Increase Oxygen Delivery. Better circulation is linked to a lower maximum heart rate and an increase in oxygen delivery which can be very beneficial to athletes.
  • Helps stop muscle cramps and soreness. If you’re an athlete this can mean less lactic acid, less cramping and muscle soreness.
  • Due to the enhancements that compression socks provide they help reduce swelling and fatigue in legs allowing faster recovery. The increased blood flow compression socks allow makes it easy for muscles and joint tissues to receive the nutrients they need.
  • For athletes that tend to run in shorts having compression socks can help to protect your legs from exposure to poisonous plants or branches that may scratch or infect the legs.
  • Compression socks can help provide additional stability and support in the calf, ankle, foot or knee. For runners who have stability issues in the foot or ankle, compression socks can provide some support needed to prevent injuries.

Compression socks are fitted for each person and come in various sizes, colors and styles. There are compression socks for athletes and active people, compression socks for work and travel, and a fantastic selection for women seeking stylish compression stockings.

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