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Most runners will experience lower-body issues over the course of their lifetime. Without custom orthotics, only a small number of people are able to perform a perfect running pattern, in which their foot properly absorbs shock. There’s also overpronation that occurs when your arch flattens, making the foot roll inwards, and underpronation that happens when the foot doesn’t turn enough, or at all. Both issues are able to create misalignment of your foot’s joints, causing a myriad of issues like chronic pain, blisters, shin splints and leg length discrepancies. Instead of running through the pain and hoping it doesn’t get worse, try custom orthotics.

Benefits Of Custom Orthotics For Runners

  1. Turn Every Running Shoe into Your Shoe

    Custom orthotics are made by creating a 3D impression or plaster cast of your foot. That means that they are going to fit perfectly. You could purchase the most expensive pair of shoes in the world, but unless they are made specifically for your feet, you will eventually experience pain when running. Sneakers are made to conform to the shape of everyone’s foot, which is why they don’t offer ample support.

  2. Support in the Right Places

    Since custom orthotics are made for your feet, you get the support where you need it. If you were to buy over-the-counter orthotics, you would get some support each time your foot hits the ground, but it wouldn’t be evenly distributed to the places you need it.

  3. Long Lifespan.

    Over-the-counter orthotics that you get at the pharmacy cannot withstand the wear-and-tear you’ll put them through when running. They are not designed to last more than a few months, whereas custom orthotics can last anywhere from 2-5 years. You can also have your custom pair refurbished to extend their lifespan.

  4. Help You Return from Injury

    If you’ve been injured, orthotics that are customized to your feet can help you get back to running. Since they’ve been created based on the contours and shape of your feet, they are designed to help with weight distribution on impact. For example, if you are recovering after breaking a toe, your orthotics will be made so that the toe in question does not bear the brunt of your weight, allowing you to run without pain.

Keep Your Preferred Motion Path

Every runner has a preferred motion path that their feet take. Custom orthotics encourage your natural preferred motion path so that you’re not straining and fighting against it. In running shoes without customized orthotic inserts you’ll be running against your path without even realizing it.

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