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Nov 2017

Are Foot Orthotics Covered By Insurance?

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Are Foot Orthotics Covered By Insurance?

Foot orthotics are common practice if you’ve been in an accident, had surgery or have trouble with gait and stability. To fully get the benefits of orthotics, they need to be customized to your feet. Custom orthotics play an integral role in rehabilitation and they may be covered by your private insurance plan or through OHIP. First, let’s understand what custom foot orthotics do and why they’re important.

What are custom foot orthotics?

Custom orthotics are corrective footwear devices that are created from a mould of your feet. They are designed to improve gait, holding your feet in the proper position so that the joints, ligaments and muscles are able to function as they should. Moreover, orthotics can help you heal following an accident or if you have undergone surgery. They are also used to repair or allow you to walk comfortably with foot issues such as heel spurs, bunions, callouses, shin splints and running injuries.

How do you get custom foot orthotics?

In order to get a pair of orthotics made custom to your feet you need a prescription. You can acquire a prescription from a podiatrist by getting a referral from your doctor or a physiotherapist.

Foot orthotics and private insurance

You may have coverage through work or your spouse and most private insurance plans do cover custom orthotics. In order to be eligible for this type of coverage you’ll need a prescription from a qualified healthcare professional, and a diagnosis from a foot-care specialist that says what and why you need the orthotics. Furthermore, orthotics you buy at the drugstore are not covered, nor are orthotics used for recreational activities. You must also have the orthotics made using the right materials (plastics, foam) and they need to be created from a 3D cast of your feet. To see what your plan covers, please contact your provider directly. You may also find this information online.

What does OHIP cover in terms of custom orthotics?

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) offers coverage of podiatry services at approximately $135 per patient. If you do choose to use the services of a podiatrist, they will refer you to a physiotherapy clinic that specializes in custom orthotics, such as Dynamic Physiotherapy. In order to qualify for OHIP you must be a resident of Ontario.

To get more information regarding custom orthotics, how they can benefit your overall health, or to make an appointment with our registered physiotherapists, please contact us today.

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