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Custom made foot orthotics can help with a number of issues that plague our feet. One of the more common foot ailments are bunions. If you have bunions, you understand how painful they can be. There are bunion surgeries available but those should be a last resort. They are costly and sometimes ineffective. Instead, with the help of orthotics, you can actually get a reprieve from the discomfort caused by bunions.

How Custom Made Foot Orthotics Can Alleviate Bunion Pain

What are bunions?

Bunions are a deformity of the joint that connects the foot to the big toe. When the first metatarsal bone (the bone behind the big toe) moves towards the middle of the body while at the same time the big toe also diverges away, bunions form. They can sometimes be confused with an enlargement of one of the metatarsal bones (the five long bones in the foot) or corns. There are many causes of bunions that range from wearing improper shoes, applying long-term pressure to the side of the big toe, and swelling of the tissues that surround the joint. Bunions look and feel like hard bumps protruding from the side of the foot.

How can custom made foot orthotics treat bunions?

When you are fitted for custom foot orthotics, a specialist will measure your feet and create a mold or laser scan. The orthotic is then made to ensure that it can conform tightly to the arch of your foot so that when you walk, the ground will not push up against the first metatarsal bone. Furthermore, custom made foot orthotics will transfer pressure away from the ball of the foot and evenly distribute your weight as you walk. However, if you buy orthotics that are not custom made you run of the risk of further disturbing your bunions and making the pain worse.

What about bunionettes?

A bunionette, or ‘Tailor’s bunion’ is a similar condition that affects the little toe. Custom made foot orthotics can also help alleviate the pain felt from bunionettes. As mentioned above, you should use custom made foot orthotics to treat bunionettes because the ones you can buy at the drugstore could further damage your feet.

Custom made foot orthotics are essential in relieving bunion pain. Get in touch with us and we’ll create the right orthotic for you feet. There’s no reason you should walk with bunion pain.

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