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How Often Should Foot Orthotics Be Replaced?

Custom made foot orthotics are orthopedic appliances designed to provide comfort when you walk. They are made from breathable materials and can improve your gait and help evenly distribute your weight with each step you take. Because custom orthotics get so much use, they do not last forever.

How often should foot orthotics be replaced?

Custom made foot orthotics can last anywhere from 1-5 years, depending on the amount of wear and tear they sustain. Here’s how to tell if your orthotics are in need of replacing:

  • Take a peek at the bottom of your shoes. Do you notice uneven wear? Custom foot orthotics are created to correct the alignment of your body and any abnormalities of your feet. Uneven wear at the bottom of your shoe means they’re not doing their job anymore.
  • Take your orthotics out of your shoes and look for broken pieces, cracks or signs that the soles have worn out. When the soles become too thin or the orthotics begin to crack or break, they need to be replaced.
  • Anytime your body changes due to pregnancy, weight gain or loss, or if you’ve had surgery on your knees, you will need to replace your custom made foot orthotics. If you do not replace them, they will not be able to accommodate your new body structure and weight.
  • At the first appearance of pain in the back, ankles or feet, it’s time to change your orthotics. Look out for calluses or corns too because that means your feet have been scraping the inside of your shoes.
  • The material your orthotics are made from will help you determine if they need replacing. For example, hard plastics only require replacement every five years, whereas soft plastics and foams need to be replaced every year or two.
  • Finally, the amount of use your custom made foot orthotics get will help you figure out if they need to go. Using them for sports and exercise will cause your orthotics to wear down faster than if you’re simply using them for day-to-day activities.

It’s important to replace your worn orthotics before they fall apart completely. If you continue to walk on worn custom foot orthotics you could find yourself with back pain and headaches.

Please contact Dynamic Physiotherapy for more information regarding custom foot orthotics. We can replace your old pair to keep your feet and body healthy.

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