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Apr 2015

How To Know When You Need Foot Orthotics

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A foot orthotic is a custom-fitted piece that goes inside the shoe to help the biochemical dysfunction of the foot. The piece appears closely related to an insole and can provide a person with balance while it helps to ease any discomfort or pain.

Foot Orthotics

If you have a minimal arch resulting in flat feet, or if you experience discomfort when you walk, run or stand, you may be a candidate for foot orthotics. Individuals experiencing these symptoms should consult a physiotherapist at their first sign, as foot pain can increase significantly if not dealt with.

Certain conditions will require different designs to help support and evenly distribute the weight of the body to provide balance and ease.

Benefits of Foot Orthotics

The benefits of foot orthotics are extensive as they’re are created to help your body in numerous ways. Even if you go in for a specific issue, you may find that foot orthotics helps with other matters as well.

  1. Pain relief
  2. Maintains bone position
  3. Reduces muscular fatigue
  4. Helps bone structure
  5. Aids in the proper pattern of movement or body mobility
  6. Increased Function
  7. Gives wearers continued ability to participate in sports and strenuous activity
  8. Helps posture
  9. Helps with flat foot
  10. Is often used to help patients with multiple sclerosis maintain balance
  11. Prevents muscle weakness
  12. Helps in the healing of sports related injuries
  13. Heel spurs

Can’t I Just Purchase a Sole from a Store?

Although many people try to save a few dollars by choosing this option, it simply doesn’t provide the same type of relief as orthotics do.

It’s not necessarily true that insoles from the store won’t help at all. Any insoles are better than no added support. However, foot orthotics are a custom-made solution that’s intended to help your specific problem. The insoles are made to match your feet and to help cure or alleviate the pain associated with whatever condition you may have, and that you can’t find in your local drug mart.

By taking a close look at your feet, weight, posture and other details of your body, the therapist will fabricate an insole. They will create a 3-D diagram and fashion the insole to adequately fit your foot for easy insertion into shoes. The customized treatment will be created to aid in the discomfort you feel while walking, standing, exercising or conducting strenuous activity. The insoles will be made out of plastic and will help anatomically align the foot and ankle into the proper position.

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