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When it comes to muscle pain or fatigue, foot orthotics can make a big difference! Orthotics are inserts that fit inside the shoe, correcting posture and alignment and minimizing stress and discomfort. For those who spend lots of time on their feet, orthotics are a necessity in order to maintain correct weight distribution. Here are a few reasons custom orthotics may be right for you!

Custom Foot Orthotics

  1. Orthotics Correct Many Joint, Muscle, and Bone Defects
  2. Orthotics are used to treat structural or congenital foot defects such as:

    • Plantar Fascitis
    • Heel Spurs
    • Bunion Pain
    • Shin Splints
    • High Arches
    • Fallen Arches
    • Achilles Tendonitis
    • Flat Feet
    • Pain in any part of the leg, hips, or back
    • Arthritis
    • Diabetic foot problems

    Even if you don’t have a specific condition, orthotics are always helpful for maintaining maximum comfort, and improving posture, balance, and alignment.

  3. Custom Orthotics are Great With an Active Lifestyle
  4. For athletes, custom orthotics can decrease muscle stress and fatigue, while increasing balance, performance, and agility.

    High impact sports, which include lots of running and jumping (i.e. running, soccer, basketball), can create added stress on the joints and muscles. Custom orthotics can work as shock absorbers to lessen the stress.

  5. Custom Orthotics are Made Just For You
  6. While there are different types of insoles and shoe inserts available at drug stores, the benefits of custom-made orthotics are much greater.

    Everyone’s feet are different, and store-bought insoles are usually one-size fits all, or made to fit an average-sized foot. Custom orthotics are made from a plaster cast of the patient’s foot. They are completely customized to the structure of your foot, and are made to address and correct the specific structure of it.

    Custom orthotics are made with your unique needs in mind. Your physiotherapist or podiatrist will be able to take into account things like whether you suffer from arthritis or tendonitis, or whether you’re an athlete. This unique customization cannot be found in over-the-counter insoles.

    Custom orthotics are made from durable, high-quality material and will outlast store bought insoles.

If you can check off any of the bullet points below, then you are a great candidate to experience the many benefits of custom foot orthotics.

  • Participate in sports, particularly high-impact sports that involve running and jumping.
  • Suffer from joint pain when on your feet.
  • Have a job or lifestyle that causes you to spend lots of time on your feet.
  • Have had a past foot, leg, or lower back injury.
  • Are overweight.
  • Experience any of the structural or congenital defects listed above.

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