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Exercise Tips to Keep You Motivated in the Winter Months

Has the winter blues weighed you down, especially after 2020 has left everyone with nowhere to go? Keeping happy and motivated during these times has posed a challenge for most of us. As we enter winter with short and often overcast gloomy days, one of the best ways to stay motivated, happy and positive is to exercise. Cold gloomy days make it hard to get out of bed, especially with very short days and long dark nights. While we should all exercise to stay fit, there is an added benefit in keeping fit in winter and that is to help cope with seasonal depression. Here are some great ways to keep you motivated and positive:

Exercise Tips to Keep You Motivated in the Winter Months

Plan your exercises just like an appointment that you can’t miss.

For some, the early mornings work best, while others may want to do so after work. Just make it consistent and stick to the plan. I prefer early mornings as I feel energized for the rest of the day following a good strenuous workout.

Work out with a partner.

If possible, try working out with a friend who is as committed as you. When working out with a friend or partner it helps to keep you motivated and feeling more inclined to participate. For those who want to keep a workout at home, try working out with a friend online so you can talk but still keep active.

Designate a space at home for workouts.

If you plan on doing some or all of your exercises at home then it would be wise to set up a space aside. This will make it much easier to participate as that space is set up and ready to go with no need to move things around.

Make it a goal to get out.

Even if most of your workouts are done at home it is still a great idea to get out and breathe fresh air. Getting out will make you feel better and more positive. Trees, snow covered grass, and the surroundings is a better way to become active than seeing those same walls when working out at home.

Focus on Mental Health Benefits.

Many of us choose to become active to lose weight or become more fit. Losing weight and becoming fit take time so they aren’t very noticeable right away. Mental health improves through activity and exercise. Exercise and staying active is also a great stress reliever. Personally when working out I know the benefits to being physically fit can take time but one does feel better and stronger within just a few short weeks. Mental health benefits are felt immediately as I feel refreshed and ready to tackle what’s ahead of me that day.

Plan ahead and anticipate weather.

When working out or exercising outdoors it makes sense to know ahead the weather. Dress appropriately for the weather and ideally dress in layers. The inner layer should be breathable and able to wick sweat. The outer layer should protect from wind and moisture thereby keeping you warm.

Whatever you choose to do, make it a goal to just get out and get started. Nothing ever gets achieved without a little work. And by starting you will notice immediate benefits in mental health soon followed by feeling stronger and more physically fit. Choose to feel better, more positive and improve your health and well-being.

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