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Importance of exercise

Exercise can mean so many things to people. For some exercise is to strengthen muscles and add some endurance, while for others it is done for many health reasons, and for others it can help with medical conditions. So do you want to feel better, have more energy and perhaps add years to your life? Then all you have to do is exercise. The benefits of regular exercise are hard to ignore. Everyone benefits from regular exercise regardless of abilities, sex or age.

Here are a number of reasons why exercise is beneficial.

Exercise helps to control weight

Importance of exercise

Regular exercise can help prevent excess weight gain or help to maintain weight loss. When you regularly exercise you burn calories. The more intense the activity or exercise the more calories you will burn. For some regular trips to the gym are a necessity but you don’t need a gym to stay active. Stay consistent doing some form of activity each day such as walks, hikes or taking the stairs versus an elevator.

Exercise Helps Improve Mood

Importance of exercise

If you are feeling down or stressed out a gym session or a brisk activity will do wonders for how you feel. Physical activities stimulates and help you feel happier, more relaxed and less anxious. Keeping active can also help boost your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Exercise Can Boost Energy

Staying regularly active whether by physical activities or at the gym can help improve muscle strength, and boost your endurance.

Exercise Can help ward of health conditions and diseases

Regular activity while increasing muscle and strength while also helping endurance, it helps improve blood flow which decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Some of the benefits of regular exercise is to help prevent and/or manage health conditions such as:


High Blood Pressure

Type 2 Diabetes


Helps with Balance

Increase Bone density to help combat osteoarthritis

Regular exercise can help improve cognitive function

Exercise Can Help Promote Better Sleep

Regular activity can help one fall asleep faster. It can allow you to sleep more deeply and get a better overall sleep. Exercise should be done several hours before going to bed.

Exercise can be fun and can be done socially (6 ft apart)

Doing regular exercise can be quite enjoyable whether walking outdoors or through a park, to regular strenuous activity at the gym. You may just want to do activities that keep you happy or with a friend or family member. Playing certain sports is a great way for friends and family to be both social and keep active. Try an activity that helps you to enjoy, if not try something new or something with friends.

If you are starting an exercise or activity to help improve with your health condition, we recommend you consult your doctor or therapist as to which activities would be beneficial. Just starting out to stay active? Then start slowly and ramp up your workouts every couple of weeks to add more strengthening activities or endurance.

If you have any questions about the Benefits of Exercise please contact our staff at Dynamic Physiotherapy.

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