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Warning Signs You Need To See A Foot Specialist

Many of us are constantly thinking of our body’s health and whether or not we’re doing enough to maintain good health. We consider how well we are eating, if we’re incorporating enough exercise and daily self-care into our daily routines while we try to make sure that we are making time for rest. Oftentimes we will also take on many other health measures to keep us performing at our best each day no matter what we’re doing. But many people often ignore what makes us stand upright and to be able to get to where we need to be everyday- our feet. Foot care is plays a crucial part of our overall health and yet is often ignored until problems arise, and by the time we’ve ignored any symptoms to the point of extreme pain or even disfigurement, it’s time to see a foot specialist.

Many foot conditions are ignored and doctors visits are prolonged, with patients thinking, “maybe it will just go away after some time”, or “it’s just temporary”. All too often problems have advanced to the point where the unrecognized or ignored signs and symptoms have already necessitated a visit to a foot specialist.

There are some symptoms that one may experience and want to pay special attention to when foot problems arise. These signs can definitely help one detect the need for physiotherapy, if needed.

Numbness in the Feet

This is a problem that should be addressed immediately, as it can signal a problem with peripheral neuropathy, which can be related to Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes can affect the blood flow to the feet, and cuts and wounds will take longer to heal because of this. In addition, numbness with the neuropathy can lead to permanent loss of blood flow to certain areas, thus creating a need for amputation.

High Arched Feet

Having a sudden increase in the arch of your feet can signal potential nerve damage. This is often indicative of peripheral nerve damage which can change a person’s gait, change a person’s balance, and lead to atrophy in the muscles of the lower legs.

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