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Walking, sitting, standing – these are all things we do daily that can affect our lower back, knees and ankles. Pain in those areas is common but with a combination of custom orthotics, stretching and other simple factors, you can alleviate discomfort in the knees, ankle and lower back.

Easy Ways To Alleviate Lower Back, Knee, And Ankle Pain

Custom orthotics

These are special orthotics that are created especially for your feet. A cast or laser rendering of your foot will be made to ensure that the measurements are correct. The great thing about customized orthotics is that they are designed for the individual. You specify where you are feeling pain, for example, the lower back, and the orthotics are constructed to help alleviate that specific discomfort.

Maintain a healthy weight

One of the major issues that causes knee, back and ankle pain is excess weight. Fat wreaks havoc on our muscles and excess body weight causes our knee joints to strain, making it very painful to walk. Maintaining a healthy weight is important for your overall well-being and the healthier you are, the less pain you’ll have when you walk.

Wear better shoes

This is where custom orthotics can also be utilized. Many of us spend our workday in shoes that are have no arch support or are too tight in the toe area. Women especially wear high heels that provide no comfort to their feet and can cause major pain. If you cannot wear better shoes at least use an orthotic to give your feet a reprieve.

Watch your posture

Your posture is important. We tend to forget to sit up straight but it’s something we should be doing because it can alleviate the pain in our knees, lower back and ankles. To ensure that your posture is perfect, keep your head up, shoulder back, chest open and pelvis tucked and centred.

Exercise and stretching

Staying active keeps you from getting knee, lower back and ankle pain. Find an activity you like, whether it’s yoga, jogging, going to the gym, and stick to it. Aim to exercise 3-4 days per week to stay in shape, maintain good heart health and keep your core strong. You can wear your custom orthotics in your running shoes for ultimate support. Also, stretch after your workout to ensure that the muscles that support your knees, back and ankles don’t get tight.

Get a pair of custom orthotics made and then go forth and try any of the above. You won’t alleviate lower back, knee and ankle pain overnight but you should notice a difference right away.

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