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Even though children are often very active, especially in comparison to adults, it’s still just as important for them to get exercise as their growth is detrimental while at a young age. If they begin to partake in regular exercise as a young child, they will be more likely to grow up fit and in good health.

 Exercises For Kids

Core strengthening is just one of the many things that should be focused on, and is one of the most important. Good core strength will promote proper posture, will lessen back pain in their later years, and will provide additional stability for any sports they’re thinking of participating in.

With the over demanding entertainment industry, kids are getting less exercise than ever before. Video games and movies are bountiful and many kids prefer to sit around most of the day watching movies and playing games. This is very unhealthy for a child’s development.

Core Strengthening Exercises

By making core exercises fun, you can easily get your child to exercise regularly. Just make sure that you find unique ways to keep them intrigued!

Below, are some examples of things you can do to get your child to conduct core strengthening exercises:

  1. Bridging
  2. Have your child lay flat on their back with their knees bent. Then, have them press their feet flat on the floor while they raise their pelvis in the air. Their head and shoulders should remain on the floor the entire time. This not only will help build their abductor muscles, but it will stretch out their backs after sitting for long periods in the classroom as well!

  3. The Superman
  4. Have your child lay their stomach onto the floor while raising their arms and chest. Have them hold this position for approximately 15 seconds (unless they are struggling, then have them hold it for however long they are capable of), followed by a short rest and a repeat of the action.

  5. Knock over the Teapot
  6. Place the small child on your lap and bounce them up and down with your legs. Try to knock the child over a few times during this process. The first few times, they may actually be taken off guard and fall over, but they will then begin defying the advances. It is best to sit on a bed or couch for this exercise to ensure the child has somewhere safe to land!

The above exercises are all great, fun ways to get your child to exercise. Change the games up a little to make them more thrilling. You can even give the exercises different names or incorporate toys and other fun items into the core exercises. Make it so that your child enjoys the games, and make sure that they do them as regularly as possible! Doing them daily is often suggested and preferred. These exercises will greatly help your young child’s posture and ability to partake in activities as they get older.

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