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If you’d like your kids to be more active, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to motivating them.

Getting Your Kids To Exercise

First, most young kids prefer “activities” to conventional exercise. They’d much prefer a bike ride than jog. Second, older kids are more apt to do things with their parents if their friends come along. And third, many kids are motivated by goals, targets, competition and progress-tracking.

Here are some ways to make exercise a routine family activity that’s fun, motivating and healthy:

  • Do it for a cause. If you’re a family of couch potatoes, sometimes a good cause can get you motivated. Research which local organizations are hosting fundraising walks and then get your friends and relatives to sponsor your family. If you can’t find one, organize your own walk for a cause.
  • Think outside the box. Do something you’ve never done such as learning to rock climb at a climbing gym or riding horses. Parents vs. kids competitions are always fun. So are “old school” games like Twister, jump rope and kick the can.
  • Fly a kite. What’s more fun than making a kite with your kids and then taking it outside on a nice, windy day and watching it fly high?
  • Be spontaneous. Exercise with kids whenever the opportunity arises. Turn the trip from the car to the house into a race. Do push-ups during TV commercials. Install a basketball hoop on your garage and play whenever your kids are looking for something to do.
  • Let them pick. Ask your kids to take charge of the family exercise schedule for a week and do whatever they choose. You’ll probably be surprised at the creative ideas they come up with. You can also rotate weekly so every family member gets a turn.
  • Scavenger hunt. Write up clues and hide them around the house. Kids can race to find each clue for a small prize at the end.
  • Wheelbarrow, crab and bear-walk races. Holding one of these tough positions gives you a real workout.

We feel a lot more energetic when we move and stretch. Kids do, too. It changes the chemistry of our bodies so we’re happier and more relaxed.

At Dynamic Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic, we’re all about good health. Call us today to find out how we can help you moving to keep and your family’s optimal health!

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