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May 2017

5 Ailments That Massage Therapy Can Help

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Massage therapy has been used for many years to help people feel their best. In recent years, the popularity of massage has increased as more individuals are realizing the many benefits it provides.

These days, you’re likely to find massage therapists not just in their own independent practices, but in settings such as cancer clinics and orthopedic offices as well.

Treating Common Ailments With Massage Therapy

So why is massage therapy so prevalent these days? Its popularity is due in part to the significant amount of research that has been done on the effects of massage.

Formal studies have repeatedly demonstrated that massage therapy offers numerous benefits and can help improve a variety of ailments.
The following are five ailments that massage therapy can help ease:

  1. Depression And Anxiety

    Massage therapy can offer much-needed relief to those who suffer from depression or anxiety. One study discovered that when participants had a massage, the amount of the stress hormone cortisol decreased by an average of 53 per cent.

    Additional research demonstrates that massage increases the level of serotonin and dopamine in a person’s body, which helps improve depression symptoms.

  2. Injuries From Repetitive Movement

    Overusing any muscle group or joint in your body can cause damage. This type of injury can occur for a variety of reasons, such as making repeated motions while working, bending over to pick up objects, and sports activities.

    If you have pain in your muscles or joints due to a repetitive strain injury, you can benefit from massage therapy. Treatment from professional massage therapists has been shown to alleviate the pain, tingling, and tenderness that accompany repetitive strain injuries.

  3. Headaches

    Massage therapy helps people who experience migraines and other types of headaches.

    Headaches are caused by a variety of factors, such as exhaustion, stress, lack of sleep, and other health issues.

    Massage reduces these contributing factors, which causes an overall decrease in the frequency of headaches and the severity of symptoms when a headache does occur.

  4. Chronic Pain

    One of the benefits of massage is that it increases circulation. This helps to bring relief to any area of the body that’s experiencing pain.

    When the blood flow is increased, the body’s natural painkillers are delivered to the areas that need them most. Pain is also alleviated due to the relaxation that occurs after a massage treatment.

  5. Breast Cancer

    Massage therapy can help cancer patients who need to undergo surgery. When applied prior to surgery, massage can relax muscle tissues and increase the production of lymph, a substance that detoxifies the body’s tissues.

    After surgery, your massage therapist can apply specialized techniques to the lymph system, which help to alleviate pain and swelling.

Massage Therapy For Better Health

There are many other conditions that can be alleviated with the help of massage therapy. These include insomnia, nausea, arthritis, hypertension, sciatica, and fibromyalgia among many others.

If you are currently struggling with any of these or other health issues, you can consult with a physiotherapist who can implement a customized massage therapy treatment plan for your needs.

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