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Jul 2017

Can Massage Therapy Treat Tennis Elbow?

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Massage therapy can help with a great many issues, and is particularly successful at treating the underlying causes of chronic pain. It does so by manipulating soft tissue through massage in order to provide a hands on means of neuromuscular therapy.

Massage Therapy For Tennis Elbow

There is no doubt that massage therapy can work wonders for a wide array of issues, but you might often find yourself contemplating the use of massage therapy for something very specific and wonder whether or not it will work.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow stems from a much wider variety of causes than most people suspect. It can be the result of any repetitive motion putting strain on the area, such as the use of tools or painting. Tennis elbow has been occurring more in the modern world because of repeated use of a computer mouse; even too much typing can cause it.

In the case of tennis elbow, chronic pain in your arm can affect a wide array of your daily tasks, leaving you feeling helpless. At the same time, many hesitate to rely on medication that could last a lifetime for fear of long term health effects, while resorting to surgery may seem drastic, dangerous or overly expensive. These more drastic options, such as surgery, are typically used as a last resort. This often results in tennis elbow sufferers seeking alternative methods of treatment.

What Massage Therapy Can Do for Tennis Elbow

Massage therapists rely on the use of Trigger Points (TrPs) which are manipulated in order to treat the underlying causes of chronic pain. When it comes to tennis elbow, there is a particular trigger point commonly referred to as Perfect Spot No. 5, which is located near the common extensor tendon in the elbow. Massage therapists know how to manipulate this area in order to provide the greatest amount of relief for both elbow and even wrist pain.

Additionally, massage therapists will often massage other areas that are directly linked to your area of pain. For example, in the treatment of tennis elbow, there is an area in the neck that is strongly linked to tennis elbow pain. Because of this, you may also wish to consider having a massage therapist focus on your scalene muscles. Combined, this can be an effective means of treating the underlying causes of tennis elbow and providing significant pain relief.

Does It Work?

As a result, massage therapy can be a very effective means of treating tennis elbow, and has already provided relief for many tennis elbow sufferers. If you are looking for treatment but looking to avoid more drastic means, massage therapy is probably right for you.

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