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Massage therapy is a common treatment for various conditions, and it has proven to be an extremely helpful method for many people around the world for a variety of issues. Based on the title of this article, you might be asking yourself three main questions:

Massage Therapy

What is the pelvic floor?

Your pelvic floor, the area just below your hips, attaches your pelvic bone and sacrum. The muscles in this region of your body support the organs in the pelvis (bladder, uterus or prostate, rectum). For women, the muscle group wraps around the urethra, rectum and vagina.

What is pelvic floor dysfunction?

Pelvic floor dysfunction refers to problems that happen to the pelvic floor when the muscles of are weak, impaired (in some way or another), or too tight.

How can massage therapy help with pelvic floor dysfunction?

Massage therapy can be beneficial to a wide range of clientele leading various lifestyles. To understand how it can help with pelvic floor dysfunction, we first have to understand what exactly massage therapy entails.

We describe it as: “a physical treatment which involves the use of pressure, movement, and vibration on the body to relieve tension and promote healing. It can be performed manually – using the fingers, hands, knees, forearms, elbows, or feet – or with the use of mechanical aids and massage devices. Used to promote relaxation and a sense of well-being, massage therapy affects the muscular, nervous, and circulatory systems in order to optimize the health of the whole body.”

The 30-90 minute treatment can be used to relieve or reduce a variety pains such as headaches, migraines, pain from sports injuries, general muscle tension, as well it can be used to treat pelvic pain and dysfunction.

The pelvic floor supports many of the most important functionalities of the human body, so it is important to have it working at its best capacity. If you have been experiencing any problems in this region or have been diagnosed with a condition in which pelvic floor dysfunction is associated with, make sure to speak with your physician for details on the best course of action for your situation. As well, you can speak with one of our experts and we will work with you to come up with a comprehensive plan that will get you feeling better sooner rather than later.

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