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What To Do After Being Involved In A Car Accident

With the increase in those owning motor vehicles over the last few decades, car accidents have become a significant day-to-day occurrence on our roads. Most accidents happen so fast that they leave those involved in shock, and having difficulty remembering what happened, and without knowing what action to take next.

Therefore, it is essential for anyone who drives a car to carry some tips with them on what exactly should be done immediately after a car crash, when confusion looms.

After a car crash, be it minor or severe, the following advice will be of great help:

Give Yourself Time to Regain Your Composure

After a crash due to the shock and confusion, you should ensure that you regain your composure. This can be done in several ways, such as:

  • Taking deep breaths to slow down the heartbeat rate
  • Thinking of something fascinating that is out of the accident scene
  • Counting slowly from one to twenty

It is important to regain your calmness so you can be able to stay in control of the situation.

Activate the emergency light or hazard light

This is of great importance, as it serves as an indicator of an accident to other road users. It makes the rest of the drivers behind you aware of an obstruction ahead or a possible incident. If this is not done, another collision may occur.

Ensure safety

Immediately after a car accident, further accident or harm should be prevented. Despite the occurrence of a crash, your safety and that of others remain a high priority.

You can pull over the car to a safe location far off from the roadway if possible, or those involved should move to a safe place. For severe accidents where none of the above tips can be achieved, stay inside the car with your seatbelts fastened.

Check to see whether anyone has been injured

It is of great importance to note that neither you nor any of your passengers should leave the scene of the accident until everyone has been checked for injuries.

Check for damage

It is essential to check for any damage and ensure that the necessary assistance is provided.

Provide first aid to those with minor injuries

You can call an ambulance for those who need immediate medical help. For example, those with severely bleeding cuts or injuries to the head, or those who have passed out.

You should always be sure not to move those who are seriously injured as this can cause further injuries to the casualty which may even lead to death.

Call the police

Once your safety and that of the others is assured, and the injured have gotten the necessary help, you should ensure that you talk to the police either in person if they are present at the scene or on the phone, no matter how minor the accident is.

The police will help a lot in an accident. You can call them by dialing the emergency number ‘911’. They will talk to the involved parties and write up an accident report.

It is important to note the following while talking to the police:

  • You should stick to the facts in such a way that, even while being polite, you should stay objective and always tell the truth.
  • Avoid using words that show you are sorry no matter how guilty you may be feeling, as this might lead to the sharing of blame or even leave you carrying the whole responsibility.
  • You should always ensure that you write up an accident report. An accident report filed with the police may come in handy when filing a claim with the insurance company.

Collect facts and note them down

Despite the confusion caused by an accident, you should always ensure that you collect details on the accident scene and document the experience to make sure that you do not forget the details.

It could also be a significant help in case any legal action is taken against you, as it will act as evidence and helps to prove your side of the story. Make sure you do the following:

  • Take photos of the accident as it happened
  • Note down the names of the involved parties both the drivers and the passengers
  • The extent of damage of all the cars involved and the injuries

You are also required to take brief notes on the occurrences surrounding the accident, that is, what exactly happened before, during and even after the crash

You can also take down the details of any eyewitnesses to the scene, particularly those who were not riding on the car involved in the accident.

It is important to note that while doing this, you should not allow your license or registration number to be photographed by anyone.

Exchange essential information with the other driver(s) involved in the accident.

This post-car-accident tip is very important to ensure you are able to work through any claims for damages or legal processes that may include the accident.

You should be sure to exchange the following vital information:

  • Driver’s information, that is, the name, address, contact information and license numbers
  • Information about the car, that is, registration number plates, insurance providers company name and policy numbers

If the name that is indicated on the car registration or the insurance policy does not match with the name of the driver, you should always try to establish the relationship that exists between them and note it down.

The things to do after a car accident do not always end at the scene of the accident, and the following things should be done even after leaving the scene and getting home:

Get in touch with your insurance company

It is essential to get in touch with the insurance company even if the accident was a minor one, the earlier the better. This means that the sooner you contact the insurance provider, the sooner you get things done.

It will ensure that they get to know about your damages and allegations and immediately start working on a resolution.

Go for a proper check-up

Even if you feel alright, you should always go for a proper check-up. Accidents bring about an adrenaline rush that may cover up injuries; therefore, it is essential to ensure still that you go for an adequate check-up to be sure that everything is alright.

‘Calamity rings no bell,’ and you may never know when these tips may become of great use to you. It is necessary and advisable to have this to-do list at your fingertips.

Accidents are incredibly stressful experiences, and can be particularly stressful with so much going on in the immediate aftermath. Nonetheless, one should always compose themselves and follow the above tips so as to ensure that further damage does not occur both to the car and the passengers, death does not come up due to over-bleeding of casualties, and also ensure that your rights are protected.

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