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Many of us know that spending too much time sitting down is bad for our bodies, and our health. At a glance, here are some of the potential consequences of spending too much time seated:

Benefits Of Standing Desk

  • Muscle degeneration
  • Back and neck pain
  • Poor circulation
  • Organ Damage
  • Slower brain function

The truth is that when we sit for prolonged periods of time, it results in slower blood circulation, and poor posture, both of which can lead to the above ailments.

Regular exercise, limiting time spent in front of the TV, and other efforts to maintain a healthy, active life can help counteract the negative health effects of sitting. But for those of us who work at a desk all day, we may feel short on options. Fortunately, standing desks are available as a great option for those who want to cut sitting out of their lives! Here are some of the amazing benefits of investing in a standing office desk!

Ease Back and Neck Pain

The freedom of being able to stand, stretch, and move around at your desk can work wonders for those who suffer from back and neck pain. When we sit for a long time, our back and neck muscles are weakened, our spines are compressed, and our posture deteriorates, which results in pain and discomfort. Standing engages these muscles without you even noticing it, and maintains good posture.

Neck pain can be caused by looking down, at documents, or your computer screen. At a standing desk, you can set up your computer screen to be at eye-level, preventing you from straining your neck.

Burn Calories

When you’re sitting, you’re burning virtually no calories. Humans have gone from living active lifestyles to sedentary lifestyles in a very short period of time. While going to the gym helps burn calories, the average person’s gym visit isn’t enough to keep them fit or healthy.

A standing desk injects constant movement into your day, burning more calories, and increasing your metabolism. The extra activity will also help you to feel energized, leading to higher productivity.

Protect the Future of Your Health

Sitting for prolonged periods of time has been proven to have negative impacts on your long-term health, contributing to serious diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis. Studies have also shown that sitting can be even worse for you than smoking, and can lead to a shorter life.

By using a standing desk, you aren’t only investing in your short-term comfort, but your long-term health, and quality of life.

By combining a standing desk with plenty of exercise, and a healthy diet, you’re giving yourself the best possible chance to lead a healthy, happy, and active life!

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