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Feb 2018

Benefits Of Orthotics For Winter Sports

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 Custom Made Orthotics For Each Winter Sport

Winter season comes with a myriad of exciting outdoor activities for athletes and families. From skiing and skating to snowboarding and snowshoeing, it is important that you get the right gear to protect you from the extreme cold and any physical injuries. When thinking about footwear, it is important that you not only consider the fit and protection, but also safety and comfort through the use of custom made foot orthotics.

Whether you are an athlete participating in winter sports at a competitive level, or a family seeking an exhilarating recreational activity with your children, getting footwear that fits well and optimizes foot alignment can make the difference in your comfort, performance, and enjoyment.

Do You Need Unique Custom Orthotics For Each Activity?

First, it is clear that you need custom orthotics for winter sports. Your biomechanics when participating in any winter sport are very different from running or walking on firm ground. But depending on the specific winter sport – skiing, snowboarding, or playing ice hockey – your biomechanics will also be quite different, and you need to account for the differences in the design of your footwear.

Getting activity-specific orthotic can make a big difference as follows:

Custom Made Foot Orthotics For Skiing

When skiing downhill, the load on the forefoot increases as your body weight shifts forwards. When edging to control your direction, motion begins at the ankles and extends to the knees and hips to facilitate the desired movement. Although technique matters, the proper alignment of your lower leg and foot also affects your stability and balance.

To ensure agile and comfortable movement, you may need custom orthotics that are specifically designed for use with ski boots. The orthotics are typically made from a material that is strong enough to withstand the extreme movement of your feet, and capable of keeping you warm. Considering that your custom orthotics provide full-contact, they also block the foot to prevent the longitudinal arch from compressing, and prevent or limit offset within the ski boot.

Custom Orthotics For Skating

The pushing action required for recreational skating or playing ice hockey is different from that of walking, running, or skiing. If your footwear does not fit properly and your foot pronates inside the skate, it can reduce the energy transferred to your skate blade, making it harder to turn, stop, or crossover.

Custom orthotics for skating allow you to deliver the desired amount of power and control. With better foot alignment, you can effectively increase your power, speed, and agility, while reducing the risk of injury such as hot spots caused by your feet rubbing inside your skate.

Final Note

Custom made foot orthotics are first fitted to your feet, and then shaped to the footwear for each type of winter sport, to ensure a perfect fit for the activity. Please discuss with your doctor about the best custom orthotics for your preferred winter activities.

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