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Knee pain is one of the most common symptoms that people present when seeing their physiotherapist.

Reduce Knee Pain With Orthotics

There are many factors that contribute to knee pain, and a skilled physiotherapist can perform the assessments needed to determine the proper treatment for lasting relief.

Understanding Knee Pain

Common symptoms of knee issues include pain underneath the patella (knee cap) that occurs when sitting and standing. Walking up staircases can also be associated with knee pain, and a grinding sound or sensation may also be present.

The causes of knee pain can include physical trauma from an automobile accident or fall as well as injuries that occur during sports activities. Over time, physical activity can lead to wearing of the joint tissues.

Knee pain can also result from gait dysfunctions. When the mechanics of the foot become altered, stress is created on the surrounding joints and tissues.

The movement of the feet, ankle, and knee joints can affect the hips, lower back, and other areas of the body.

Feet that are excessively pronated rotate the legs towards the midline of the body. This moves the knee joint out of alignment, which results in secondary movement dysfunctions.

How Foot Orthotics Help Knee Pain

Foot orthotics are placed inside the shoes and can be an effective treatment for knee pain. They work to correct excessive protection and other alignment issues, which reduces the level of stress being placed on the joints.

When used alongside a comprehensive physiotherapy treatment program, orthotics provide lasting relief to patients who suffer from chronic knee pain.

Orthotics redistribute the forces that are transferred through the feet, ankles, and knees. They also work to cushion your feet, which can reduce the loads placed on the joints of the leg.

Orthotics are customizable to meet the unique needs and characteristics of your feet. This provides the highest level of pain relief and addresses the factors that are contributing to your knee pain.

Choosing The Right Orthotics For Your Feet

Getting the most from your orthotics is a result of choosing the right ones for your needs. Not all orthotics are created equally, and finding the material and design that works for you may require help from your physiotherapist.

Some orthotics may wear out quickly, while others may be uncomfortable for some users. Your physiotherapist guides you in selecting the ones that provide the greatest relief as quickly as possible.

Using orthotics correctly as part of your physiotherapy treatment program helps you overcome chronic knee pain.

By correcting the biomechanics of the feet and ankles, you optimize the movement of the knee joints and prevent future issues from arising.

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