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Waking up the other day and I was surprised to see snow! While it brightened the surroundings and looked great on the trees, it also meant clearing the snow would soon be upon us. I don’t mind snow as long as there isn’t too much, especially since the great run of weather we had in November. I can’t recall in my lifetime seeing multiple 20+ Celsius days in November. But with those great memories aside, winter is coming, and with it snow shoveling and clearing iced walkways and driveways. Clearing snow and ice is one of the more common causes…

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I am sure we have heard the words ‘I have had enough of Covid’ or ‘I am so over it’…

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Exercise can mean so many things to people. For some exercise is to strengthen muscles and add some endurance, while…

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Joints are the connections between bones that support and help you move. An injury or condition such as arthritis can…

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What is Bursitis?

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Bursitis is an inflammation or irritation of a sac called a bursa. These sacs are located throughout your body and…

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