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Shock Therapy Workout

There’s a new fitness trend that might just shock you. It’s called Electric Shock Physiotherapy. This type of workout is all about stimulating muscles while exercising with electrical stimulation.

This technology isn’t new, but the workout is certainly a rising trend. For decades people have been using some sort of shock therapy in rehab programs or to ease muscle pain. Electrical stimulation is often used to shock muscles that aren’t working correctly because of nerve damage. The shock helps restore lost muscle mass and get the body back in working order. Turning it up on a notch, many are turning to this shock workout to get the same results to the entire body.

The workout involves putting on a special padded suit. This suit has electrodes that use shock therapy to stimulate your muscles. The idea behind electric shock physiotherapy is that your body is able to workout for a shorter amount of time while reaping the same results as if you were exercising for almost twice the usual time. You cannot simply put on the suit and hope it does all of the work for your body. The suit must be paired with a normal workout. During your everyday workout the padded suit is stimulating your muscles with shocks.

Many times you can do this type of therapy one-on-one or in a class. Classes often have wireless technology so you don’t need to worry about any cords. The vests are usually attached by cable to a small power station to activate all of the body muscles. Using anything from yoga to cardio, your muscles are stimulated on a constant basis. Instead of a three hour cardio class, you can technically burn the same amount of calories with shocks. The jolts of electricity aren’t all about the feeling of being shocked like you might think. Instead of a sudden jolt, the shocks change from small flutters and to a tingling sensation or vibration depending on the moves.

The effects might not hit you as quickly as a three hour gym session. Some feel effects days later so rest is important in between workouts. The workout is more intense on your muscles which is great news to many, but rest for about a day is still a top priority before you strap into the suit for another session. Your entire body is working in overdrive with electronic stimulation so you may notice muscles that you’ve never felt before. Even if you workout on a daily basis, the stimulation of muscles that don’t usually get much work might make themselves known.

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