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Many of us are eager to get outside and increase our activity level once summer rolls around. While most of the time this is only a good thing, we end up exerting ourselves much more than we’re used to. As a result, many of us are at an increased risk of suffering from sports injuries during the summer months. To ensure that you get to enjoy the full summer season, here are some tips to prevent some of the most common summer sports injuries.

 Preventing Common Summer Sport Injuries

Preventing Chronic Overuse Injuries

Common chronic overuse injuries include tendonitis and stress fractures, and are the result of exerting too much effort to quickly, whether you’re going too fast or you’re exercising for too long. Improper technique can also lead to chronic overuse injuries. Here are some tips to minimize your risk:

  • Don’t Cram Your Activity into the Weekend
    If you’re trying out a new sport, don’t try to cram all of your activity into the weekend alone. Instead, aim to try the new sport for 30 minutes a day. Similarly, you should also gradually increase your activity level over time.
  • Warm Up
    Although you may be tempted to skip your warm up, this is key to minimizing your risk of injury.

Preventing Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is another common sports injury that tends to occur a lot in the summer. If you’re unfamiliar with this condition, the plantar fasciitis becomes inflamed and it can result in a lot of heel pain. There are various causes, but a common one is exercises that tend to place a lot of stress on the heel, such as long-distance running and dancing. Here’s what you can do to prevent this painful condition:

  • Practice Proper Technique
    When you’re running, learn to run in a way that allows you to relax your lower legs. Having tension in your legs causes you to pull on the plantar tendon, which you want to avoid.
  • Foot Exercises
    Taking a few minutes to do some exercises for your feet can also help to prevent this condition from developing. For example, when you’re sitting, you can hold your toes and gently pull them toward you until you feel a stretch.

If you find yourself with any of these painful sports injuries these summer, consider visiting a sports injury clinic for faster healing so you can get back to enjoying your summer.

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